How to buy a car from we buy cars?

The world is changing rapidly and, to keep up with it, local knowledge with a global context is needed. Many South Africans already know that when it comes to selling their car, WeBuyCars is the way to go. Currently, an average of 11,000 South Africans sell their vehicles to WeBuyCars every month. However, many are still unaware of the three possible ways to sell to WeBuyCars.

With option two, you can visit any of the 11 WeBuyCars locations across the country. At the location, one of their friendly buyers will help you fill out the online form with your vehicle details (if you haven't already done so) and then provide you with an estimated offer. If you are satisfied with the offer, the buyer will accompany you to your vehicle, where they will physically evaluate, inspect and test the vehicle. If you are satisfied with the final offer, WeBuyCars will help you complete the paperwork and, once again, you will receive payment on the spot.

This option is perfect if you want to redeem your car, as you can easily browse all the vehicles available at the specific branch. After you sell your vehicle, a sales executive will help you find the perfect vehicle. You can even apply for financing, insurance and more at the branch. With option three, you can visit any of their 29 purchase capsules nationwide.

This option is ideal when you don't live near a WeBuyCars branch. With this option, you will be greeted by a professional buyer who will help you complete the online form with the details of your vehicle. If you are satisfied with the estimated offer, the buyer will physically evaluate and test your vehicle and make you a final offer. Once you accept and have taken care of all the paperwork, you will be paid instantly.

Even though all three options follow similar procedures, you have plenty of options when it comes to your personal preferences and choosing the option that will bring you the most comfort. With WeBuyCars, you can even sell a car that is still in the process of being financed; they will help you with the whole process. Yes, we buy cars with less than 6 months of technical inspection and no technical inspection. We recommend that you declare it, as it may affect your final assessment.

Some similar platforms may stipulate that cars must be after 2000, or must be at least in good condition, etc. Booking an appointment ensures that we will be ready for your arrival and will have time to inspect your car at the branch. Once everything has been settled and the paperwork has been resolved, you will receive immediate payment and WeBuyCars will take the car out of your hands. When the collection agent arrives at the indicated address, they will first check the car to make sure the condition matches what the customer described to the sales agent on the phone.

When you sell a car to webuyanycar, it is re-supplied to the retailer and can eventually be purchased by a dealer or an individual buyer. The website doesn't give you any firm indication of the price, as each car may be a little different depending on your exact circumstances. You understand that you will most likely not get this value, but right now they just need to get rid of the car as quickly as possible. Their website makes it clear that they accept cars of all makes, years and conditions, including classic models.

The couple has 2 children who take the bus to and from school, so that's not a problem, but the shops and important services are still far enough away to justify driving, so they decide to keep one car and sell the other. The location depends on you, whether you are at home, at work or even in a braai with friends, WeBuyCars will come. However, if you want to keep your license plate private, it's easy to reassign it to another car or put the license plate on a retention certificate so that it can be sold or reassigned at a later date. .