Which car to buy

The folks at Mercedes-AMG offer one of the most interesting and fun high-end sports cars on the market today. Downright quick and surprisingly fun, visually compelling, and packed with clever tech, it's a car that feels like a breath of fresh air. However, keep in mind that other models in this segment have more room for cargo and a broader range of safety features. The cabin is quiet, the ride is cushy and composed, and the hatch area provides plenty of cargo space.

Overall, though, this little Chevy gives you a lot for less than you'd expect to pay for a brand-new car.

How do I decide what car to buy?

It’s my personal opinion that reliability should always rank in the top three most important categories of any new car, if not the most important. If you start car shopping without checking your budget, you’re likely to end up with a vehicle that puts an undue strain on your finances. These eight questions can help figure out what you’re really looking for so you can make the optimal choice for your next vehicle. Whether it’s too big or too cramped, buying a car that’s not the right size can lead to instant regret.

And you don’t have to choose the top car, but you’ll know the best cars for you are near the top of that list and you can probably narrow the whole thing down to 2-3 cars. In fact, the more cars you choose and the more test drives you take, the more likely you are to end up with a car that you love.