Which Used Car is the Best to Buy?

Buying a used car can be a great way to save money and avoid depreciation. But with so many makes and models of cars out there, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. Keep reading to see seven of the best used cars you can buy, and how to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. Car makes and models have reputations among motorists and the general public.

Some are known as “lemons”, while others have a reputation for being rugged and reliable. It's these reliable vehicles that are the best for people to buy second-hand. After all, there's nothing wrong with buying a used car. Most financial planners recommend it as a way to save money and avoid depreciation.

People just have to choose the right make and model of car to buy when buying a used vehicle. Selecting the right make and model of car can mean the difference between breakdowns and costly repairs, and years of carefree driving. Here is a list of the 10 best cars to buy second-hand: Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Chevrolet Camaro, Toyota Prius, Ford Mustang, Kia Soul.New cars come with warranties, but lose 10% of their value in the first month of ownership and up to 60% of their purchase price within five years of purchase. By choosing to buy used cars, you change the security of a warranty for more cars and skip the worst parts of that depreciation cycle.

The effects of Covid-19 have outdated the values of used cars, but for cars older than three or four years, depreciation remains an important factor.The good news is that cars are more reliable than ever and warranties are longer than ever, so even some four- or five-year old cars still have some factory warranty left or qualify for extensions. Even though cars now last longer, it's worth noting that they still need maintenance and that proper care and careful use are more important than mileage or age.The average vehicle drives 12,000 miles per year over its lifespan, but many vehicles have much lower demand than that. A low-mileage car that has not been properly maintained or has been idle for a long time could pose more problems than a higher-mileage vehicle that has been meticulously maintained.Cars still need expensive timing belt services at 70,000 or 100,000 miles. Whenever possible, ask previous owners for maintenance records and request a pre-purchase mechanical inspection.

These inspections are less necessary when considering manufacturer-certified CPO cars, which have had an inspection that conforms to the manufacturer's standards.Used cars can offer you many of the same features that are available on newer models, but at a much lower price. The average car in the United States is now 12.1 years old and a quarter of cars are over 16 years old.As with the Camry, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alerts were available on many models, but some cars also have lane change warnings or adaptive cruise control. For people looking for a small car or a first car, the Honda Fit is a great second hand option.If you need new wheels but need to stick to a budget, buying a used car can be one way to get the most out of your money. News and World Report named Honda Fit “Best Subcompact Car for Price” for its spaciousness, comfort and reliability.Unlike the Camaros of yesteryear, the reborn design placed as much emphasis on finesse of handling as it did on raw power, resulting in a car that was as much fun to drive on winding roads as it was on drag tracks - and still is.If you are looking for a second-hand hybrid car that is good for the environment then you should definitely consider the Toyota Prius.

It has a luxurious, quiet and comfortable interior with up to 34.8 cubic feet of cargo space and many available technological features including navigation and an outdated but functional infotainment system.We always recommend a mechanical inspection before purchase as even the most historically reliable cars suffer over time without proper maintenance.Fun to drive and practical, the Mustang is a great car for entry-level enthusiasts that can perform like a daily commuter and has a strong track record of reliability.Manufacturer-certified cars are subject to mechanical inspections to qualify for programs but errors in paperwork can mean problems later.The Kia Soul also scores well on fuel economy and has plenty of cargo space making it ideal for families or people who travel a lot.